Sunday, November 18, 2012

Tweet pics of Angie Harmon and Sasha Alexander - 11/15-16

@nickiraegeous: Laughing as I currently watch @sashaalexander1 attempt to play herself in a video game! 

Sasha: Look, I'm a video game!

Angie: THE BEST PART OF MY DAY!!! Thank you, @USArmy ! I was completely star struck & kind of a huge dork! U all r THE COOLEST


Sunday, November 11, 2012

Sasha Alexander in Rome

Update 11/12/12: Fans got a chance to take pictures and chat with Sasha Alexander and her husband Edoardo Ponti.

Thanks to Anna (@HannahSky) for sharing the pictures.


Sasha: At #juliusbaer concert tribute to #carloponti in geneva. With my lovelies Guy and Veronique.

Sasha Alexander and husband Edoardo Ponti were at the 7th Rome Film Festival for Edoardo's film “Il Turno Di Notte Lo Fanno Le Stelle” which stars Nastassja Kinski and Julian Sands.

Tweet pics from Sasha and two fans who were lucky enough to meet Sasha at the festival:

@HannahSky: Ooooooooomggghg

@HannahSky: @PhoneutriaFera and @SashaAlexander1

@HannahSky to Sasha: I'm so so so glad to meet you! I always knew that you are lovely, kind & sweet! :)

@PhoneutriaFera to Sasha: how perfect you are

@HannahSky: It's a screen capture, video by @PhoneutriaFera when she saw me and smiled and approached me. I had no words...

@PhoneutriaFera: Other pic..

Sasha: At Cinema Film Festival in Roma!!!

Sasha: Really @kathyrose #roseark, these are stunning! Off to rome premiere!

Sasha: e stato un grande piacere invontrarvi tutte!

Saturday, November 3, 2012

Tweet pics - Sasha Alexander & Angie Harmon - Halloween

Sasha: Happy Halloween from the mustache girls!!!

Angie: I know what I'm gonna be!!

Angie: Black Swan vs. White Swan

Angie: Getting ready!!! #HAPPYHALLOWEEN


Angie: There always this...

Angie: Me & The Bull