Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Episode 203 - Screen Caps Part 3

Last Part!

I always try and capture the "touching" moments. (Ouch, bad pun)

Awww, look at that face! Who could refuse to help her?

"Not tonight dear, I have a headache." Don't even tell me you didn't think that!! ;)

I swear you could look at Maura's office for hours and still find something new!

They don't even look this horrified when their at a murder scene! ;)

The other BFF Screen Caps in Part 1

Maura's thoughts, "A threesome... Hmmmm."

Hey, even Sasha said, "I think Maura is very open. Maura has, which is what I love about her, a very open, curious sort of sensibility in terms of what she’s attracted to."

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  1. LOL Great captions! "They don't even look this horrified when they are at a murder scene"!!

    Love the one about the headache too! I totally thought that!