Monday, November 28, 2011

New Episode Stills - Plus Sasha Interview

Excerpts from Sasha Alexander says Jane and Maura will be 'tested' on Zap2it:

Alexander tells Zap2it that "it gets darker for Maura as the episodes go," and that by the time the finale airs in December, people may find themselves choosing sides between Maura and Jane Rizzoli (Angie Harmon).

"You're going to learn a lot of things about her by the time we finish, and when we get to the finale, it's really intense," Alexander says.

...I'm really excited for people to see these next episodes, for a number of reasons. Mostly because the friendship between Maura and Jane really gets tested in some unexpected ways. ... It's dark. I've been very lucky to get to play all these colors. You're going to see a different side to her. It's going to be interesting to see how fans react to the different ways Maura and Jane are tested just at work -- their loyalty to each other, their loyalty to their jobs. They're put in real-life situations. It's not just [a stereotypical situation] of two women being catty. As Janet Tamaro says, they're not fighting about who looks better in a little black dress [laughs].

...But both women are tested with the people in their lives, their love lives and at work. They're completely different women from every standpoint, but they're equally right about what they're trying to do. So I'm excited for people to see the finale and how it all unravels. Because there's no way you're not going to want to come back in Season 3 and see what happens between these two women. I'm telling you -- there's no way.

...And that's why I'm really curious to see the women put in this position [of conflict] during these episodes. It deepens any friendship to be in conflict and to disagree with a person you care for. But the disagreements are so deep and so about who these women are that it's going to be interesting to see who takes what side, or who doesn't take a side. ... That's the stuff I love, and I'm really excited we get the opportunity to do it on our show.

More at Zap2it

Also check out the interview on The Examiner:

I think that the relationship between Maura and Angela is completely just-- I think it suits Jane fine. Because Jane doesn’t do that girly stuff with her mom, so if her mom is happy and going through that stuff with her divorce and if her and Maura want to sit around having baking contests, I think she’s fine with that. I think the issue that will come up is that Maura starts to have a little chemistry with her screw-up younger brother, so it’s more what happens when that happens. That’s a much more sore subject. Their friendship gets tested in some really unexpected ways.

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