Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Episode 208 - Part 1

This set of caps is very Maura-centric. Not dissin Jane at all, just wanted to cap the beginning and end for my fellow Sashaholics! :)

I lost count of how many times I watched this scene. Maura is so sexy!

Okay rizzles ladies, don't kill me!!
I had to cap these. It may not be with Jane, but I still find "in love" Maura to be absolutely beautiful and sexy!

Black scrubs alert!! :)

The end is in Part 2!

All caps by Taiko


  1. So sexy!! I mean you get to see a nice expanse of exposed skin!! His hands are on her...ass! Not to mention the sound of her voice...the look in her eyes and what is written all over her face!! The sounds she makes!!! I mean COME ON!!! SO SEXY!!!

    Good Ol' Rondo and Vanilla ;) Plus Maura being so sexed up that she wore two different color shoes...WINNING ;)

    Maura in love is breathtakingly beautiful, gorgeous, and recurring theme: SEXY!! I love how she looks while kissing...Is that weird?

    BLACK SCRUBS...She makes all things look good...but there is something about her black scrubs!! Ya'll feel me right?

    I just enjoy seeing Maura smile over something like a text message and giddily reading it in what I would guess to be Swahili :)

  2. Someone needs to photoshop Jane's face over Ian's

    HINT HINT!!!!

    ps black scrubs rule!

  3. Ohhh a challenge! Hmmmm... if I can find the right pic of Jane...