Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Episode 208 - Part 2 - the end

Here's the last scene of the epsiode. There's so many that the hug will be in part 3. :)
I'll cap the rest of the episode soon. :)

Tissue alert!!!!

 "She threw away my shoe boxes."
"Oh, no, that is a crime."

Go to part 3 for the hug!

All caps by Taiko

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  1. It's almost as if Maura expects Jane to be smug...So when she shows that she cares and Maura breaks down...She seems a bit flabbergasted! Poor Maura is even dressed down...Not that she doesn't look delectable...I'm just saying ;) Her face crumples and our hearts just go out to her!! Makes me want to just hug her!! She is so completely heartbroken...He must not care about her as much as she cares about him!! What kind of fool would you have to be to leave MAURA ISLES?!?!?! I mean seriously!!
    I wonder about Sasha's acting process during this scene and how many takes it took to get it shot!! I would also like to know her personal acting process...You could see the dried tear tracks on her beautiful face!!
    A little comedic relief coming from Ma Rizzoli, who has taken Maura as an honorary Rizzoli ;) *hint hint*
    Everything about this scene was magic to me...I loved it!! I watched it 1000 times too!!! Sasha in her portrayal of Maura is brilliant!! I really loved seeing this deeper side of Maura...The vulnerable and real emotional Maura!! She isn't a cyborg folks!! I hope to see more of these moments between Maura and Jane!

    (Sorry for such long comments)