Wednesday, July 4, 2012

SCREEN CAPS & PHOTO SETS - Part 1 - Episode 305 - Rizzoli & Isles

I want to update the regulars who may not have seen my other cap post. I'm no longer doing straight forward caps. All caps have been colored/stylized/manipulated in some way. For some of them it's slight and unless you saw the original cap to compare you'd probably never know. However it's much more time consuming so this also means odds are there will be less caps then usual. My caps have been very popular, so if anyone doesn't see an image they'd like please feel free to ask me and I'll grab it for you. I don't mind at all. :)

These are a few photo sets I put together. If you'd like the original cap for any of them just let me know. :)

These are fairly straight forward, a little color and lighting.

Part 2 coming soon...

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