Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Tweet pics - 7/13-23 - On set with Angie, Sasha, Lorraine...

 Sasha 7/13: Happy birthday Bruce!!

Nanci 7/14: Lorraine Bracco

Norman Buckley (director) 7/18 on set

 Norman Buckley (director) 7/18: Tess Gerritsen visits the set.

 Angie 7/19: Hey ! Thanks for all the advice on stops for me in Scotland & Ireland!! Little brothers RULE

 Tess Gerritsen 7/19 Dead body

 NormanBuckley 7/20: My terrific AD Jen Reiss with the wonderful Sasha Alexander

Nicki 7/21 at RizzlesCon 2012 "Biting the hand that feeds you?"

Sasha: Haha!! Bring me back a goodie bag!

Nanci  7/23: CEgglesfield doing Sashas hair in the Makeup/Hair trailer everyone pitches in

 Norman Buckley 7/23: Angie Harmon and me. My second to last day on rizzoli and isles

 Norman Buckley 7/23: Good morning from the RizzoliandIsles set

Norman Buckley 7/23: Me with Lorraine Bracco and Angie Harmon, two very lovely, very funny women

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